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Dear Students,

Welcome to the EE493-EE494 Course. As your Design Studio Coordinators, we would like to congratulate you on becoming Senior Year Students. You are now very close to becoming engineers. Please keep up your effort!                                      

This web site will be your primary gateway to all materials and announcements relating to this one-year course sequence. The web site also contains valuable information to guide you in preparing your reports. It will be complemented by the communication over ODTUClass (e-mailing, forums, announcements, etc.). Please regularly check your e-mail account registered to ODTUClass.

Please consider the following information about the Engineering Design course under the circumstances of this year. 

  • The schedule and outline of the course are announced on the course webpage. 
  • Our first meeting (all students and DS coordinators) will be on October 4, Wednesday, 15:40, in the first week.
  • You have to submit team application and section preference form till the end of the first week (October 6, Friday, 23:59).
  • You will meet your DS coordinator in the second week (October 11, Wednesday).
  • Weekly meetings with the design studio coordinators will be determined individually by the coordinators.
  • You may prefer to make early attempts for team-forming considering the required shipments, interactions, and other possible logistics. 

We wish us all a fruitful collaboration…