Every team will demonstrate a fully implemented, working prototype of its design. The demo should start with a short, informal presentation of the project by the team members. It should be accompanied by a “Team Poster” presentation. This poster is to present the team, the project, and highlight the main features of the design on a single sheet.

Design Studio coordinators will evaluate and grade the projects based on this demo and the content of the poster presentation.

Poster Style
Size of the poster: A1 (=8xA4) (You do not have to print your poster during the pandemic semester. A pdf file that you will share with DS coordinators is sufficient.)
The required poster is a technical presentation, it is not an advertisement of your product. Try to include as much technical information as possible so that your poster does not look like a bill poster (afiş).

Someone (technical or otherwise) investigating your poster should clearly understand what problem is being solved, and how it is being solved.

Your poster should also include:

  • Company name & shareholders
  • Project description
  • Technical specifications (customer and engineering requirements, method of solution, energy budget, performance measures, test results, etc.)
  • Extra features (if any)
  • Features that differentiate your product from others (concerning technical or financial aspects and in terms of any other points)
  • Cost Breakdown
  • Deliverables
  • Choose the color and/or pattern of the background and the color (in contrast with the background) and size of the fonts such that your poster is easily readable.