1. Read & digest
  2. Form your team
  3. Fill the team application and section preference form, and submit.
  4. Register for the course. (Make sure that all team members are registered in the same section.)
  5. Share tasks within the team (Modifiable as the work progresses.)
  6. Keep an up-to-date logbook
  7. Regularly attend the lectures and the design studios
  8. Regularly submit a weekly written progress report
  9. Prepare and submit your business statement
  10. Prepare and submit your proposal report
  11. Prepare and submit your test document
  12. Prepare for your module test demo
  13. Prepare and submit your conceptual design report
  14. Prepare and deliver an oral presentation
  15. Complete your subsystem tests. Prepare and submit your critical design review report
  16. Complete your detail design, implement, test, modify and construct
  17. Prepare your final report
  18. Prepare a poster and get ready for your Live demo session
  19. Present your achievement in the Project Fair supported by your poster and a video.