A thorough report that summarizes the results of entire design effort. Basic principles of technical report writing depicted elsewhere (see Conceptual Design Report, Project Proposal and Links on W/O presentation) still apply. However following items are especially required:

  • Front Page
    • Basic information, company organization etc.
  • Executive Summary
  • Design Description
    • Top-down system description
    • Related calculations, circuit diagrams, flow charts, relevant standards etc.
    • Some parts can be included into appendix
  • Results and Analyses of Performance Tests
  • List of Deliverables
    • User manual is a must. The items in this list will be included into appendix.
  • Budget
    • Actual Expenditures (Cost of final product)
    • Total Cost (Total expenditures including engineering cost, infrastructure cost etc.)
  • Appendices

The Final Report should also provide:
Discussions (one paragraph for each item) on the following:

  • Any safety issues associated with your design and precautions you have taken to avoid any safety problems,
  • A possible widespread application of your product (and/or sub parts, algorithms etc.) and impacts on society.
  • Any potential environmental effects of your product, especially when in widespread use.