Year 2015-2016

  • Leading a ball through a labyrinth by collaboratively providing proper slopes
  • Taking part in a “pistol duel”
  • Disposing garden waste at the neighbor’s cost
  • Playing a version of “tug o’ war”
  • “Weaving” towards a target

Year 2014-2015

  • Systems playing “one-on-one” volleyball
  • A mobile device to collaborate with others to drag boxes into a row, in correct order
  • A device which can play carom bole style billiards
  • A system in which a “slave” follows the “master” to form a parade-in-formation
  • Vehicles collaboratively carrying a long object over a rough terrain, without tilting

Year 2013-2014

  • Robots playing “curling” against similar opponents
  • Robots “wrestling” with similar opponents
  • Robots combining efforts to redirect light coming from a common external source, on to a common target
  • A robot to run one leg of a relay race and satisfactorily hand-of the “baton” to the next runner
  • A device that can physically play the “tetrisoid 49x” game against an opponent